I read a brilliant article this evening courtesy of Editorx, via Instagram. I was intrigued and surprised by the design trends for the year ahead. Some were unexpected.

I would like to summarise a few of their points and my thoughts and to share their insight. This is written in my own interpretation of how I understood these important trends.

Taken for granted physical activities such as work, education, dating and shopping have recently migrated online into the “met-averse”, for non technical geeks like myself (we need to keep up!) that is the virtual world!!

So the big shifts are;

  1. Monochromatic websites are shifting into dark mode and many companies are exploring dark mode options to create and experience a journey through their sites as opposed to bright clear “Selling” backgrounds.
  2. Corporate colour palettes are shifting to other lesser used blends online and lesser known figures are appearing other than the impressionist and expressionist art figure form from the early 20th century. Think cartoon like figures or other collaborative art forms of the human body..
  3. Many businesses are developing their own typographic landing pages and creating their own personalised font type to represent and express their cultural creativity. I LOVE this point!
  4. The digital fashion experience is shifting to include AR shopping tool’s, with Burberry referenced as a good example of this.
  5. Meetings are becoming the norm on the met-averse and integration designers are reacting to this new normalised online platform. Were you aware of an integration designer? I was not.
  6. Inclusive assets changes the way we view and represent body forms on catwalks and in advertising. Totally agree!
  7. I love this point. “A partnership between style and digital design is forming as technology for sensory and interactive experience’s expands”. To create an experience where the online consumer feels they can touch the softness of wool to the skin on a website is no easy feat. A sensory experience to enable enhanced shopping experiences would be so appealing to a micro business such as mine. It is a lot to take in. I misinterpreted a a few key points but it is progressive and interesting and very thought provoking! I hope it provides some interest and ideas to you as it has done for me …..


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