About Christine Murphy

Christine Murphy is the creator and owner of Urban Aran, an independent Irish knitwear business.
Following a diverse path to self-employment she embarked on a journey of career transformation with a passion for sustainable design-led knitwear.
Drawing inspiration from her experience in Aran stitches growing up and a deep-rooted connection to street art and admiration of professional street murals, Christine combined both loves into a slow made fashion collection.

The catalyst for Urban Aran came from the captivating Waterford Walls project, where professional art seamlessly merges with city landscapes, transforming them into natural art exhibitions.
Urban Aran encapsulates the essence of her brand. “The term ‘Urban’ reflects my deep appreciation for urban landscapes. It is the imagery from cityscapes and professional street art in my home city, to minute detail including peeling paint on walls, which inspires my drawings and designs.

“The brand is a testament to my unwavering passion for the craft, blending colourful close-ups of wall murals with heritage Aran stitchwork, meticulously crafted using jacquard knitting techniques on state-of-the-art machines.”
In 2018, having become pregnant with her second daughter Christine’s unique aesthetic and creative dream took shape, leading her to establish Urban Aran.

While Christine’s previous career in luxury hospitality management may seem unrelated, it played a pivotal role in honing her eye for design and nurturing her love for fabric, yarn, and textiles.
Christine worked for over 20 years in senior management roles in the luxury hotel industry.
Through a flexible learning course at Limerick College of Art and Design, Christine delved into the art of deconstructing Aran stitching techniques, further fuelling her creativity.