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It is anything from a plant or an animal that can be spun into a filament of yarn. Natural fibres produce stunning fabrics, they knit and drape into a variety of soft and lustrous forms to deliver a luxuriously comfortable wear. Natural fibres are sustainable, carbon neutral as they only give back what they took to produce and they biodegrade unlike acrylic or many other synthetic fibres.

Natural fibre clothes 

Unlike man-made clothing, clothes made with natural fibres do not shed microbeads of non-biodegradable material when they are washed. Natural fibres are environmentally friendly.


For thousands of years’ sheep have evolved to withstand the harshest of conditions. A sheep’s wool protects them from the wind, rain and sun. Wool reacts to temperature, so it has the ability to keep you warm and it also wicks moisture, so it has the ability to remove heat and perspiration from your body to cool you down.  As wool is a living natural fibre it means that it harbor’s odour removing bacteria, unlike polyester which attracts bad bacteria.


Linen is known as the world’s strongest natural fiber and more durable than cotton. The strength of the fiber directly contributes to the strength of the fabric the garment is made of. Thus, linen clothing is very long-lasting. Natural fibres are less energy intensive to produce than man made yarns. Linen is very breathable, allows air to move around freely and thus, releases moisture very fast. That’s not to say it is anti-allergic but linen is a safer choice for discomforts. Linen clothes will retain the heat from your body and release the excess making you feel warm hence popular in winter as well as summer. Linen clothing is better for the environment because flax plant cultivation is by far more sustainable than that of cotton.


Knitted cotton is a soft skin friendly breathable fibre. During the summer cotton is ideal as it removes heat from the body by absorbing moisture. We don’t recommend cotton for high intensity exercise as it can absorb as much as 10 times it’s weight in water, however for daily wear its ideal. Cotton is strong and durable, making it perfect for machine washing, and the fibres do not pill. Cotton clothing also resist stains and resist odours more than synthetic fibres. Cotton is ideal for those with wool sensitivity. We love supplementing our looks with the unique drape that our cotton knitwear has.

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